Knowing forgiveness

‘He forgave us all our sins’ Colossians 2.13

Forgiveness is a familiar concept for Christians. It forms a part of so many talks, songs and services, so it is no wonder we are familiar with the idea. However, what we are not so familiar with is the ability to apply it to ourselves.

Paul bluntly states: ‘He forgave us all our sins…’ In other words, Jesus took from us every sin ever committed and paid the price for it forever, so that never again can any of those thoughts, actions or attitudes be held against us or appear on our record.

This is quite something to get our heads around! Deep down, so many people still believe that God sees them through the veil of their sins; that he is only too aware of their failings every time he sees them. Yet Paul states that this is simply not true. When you bring your sins to God, it is like opening the door of a dark room so that the light can shine in. When the light shines, the darkness is gone. This is how we are encouraged to see forgiveness.

We are the ones who so frequently see the veil of our sins, and we do the same when we look at others and note their sins. Yet God does not see any of this. If we see this veil covering others, no wonder we still see it covering ourselves.

Forgiveness is total, eternal, wonderful and promised by God – so let’s stand in the light of it and let these words come from deep within – “I am forgiven.”

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