God’s storehouse

soaking‘And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.’ Philippians 4.19

The context for this statement is money! Paul is talking about a real down-to-earth need, something to which we can all relate. However he doesn’t simply tell us that because God can help we should stop worrying. Instead, he gives us the reason for this hope. The reason is that we have a God who helps us in this need. It is not that God can make money appear from nowhere, but that there is a storehouse from which his help comes, and this storehouse is ‘the riches of his glory’. So what does this mean?

The ‘riches of his glory in Christ Jesus’ is Jesus revealing God for who he really is:

– the God who loves you to the extent that he gave his Son for you,
– the God who chose you before the very foundation of the world,
– the God who set you in the very time and place where you live,
– the God who sovereignly created the world out of nothing,
– the God who calls his people to trust him.

This is the storehouse from which God answers your needs. It is real, and it is his delight to open its doors for you.

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