Closing one door and walking through another

‘…pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.’ 1 Timothy 6.11

In his letter to Timothy, Paul encouraged his follower and friend to pursue six different qualities that we will look at over the next few days.  The first point to note, however, is not about any of these but is about the command itself.  We are told to pursue – or to chase, or go after – such qualities.  In other words, each of the qualities that Paul mentioned is fully attainable by us and we simply have to commit to going after them.

We often suspect that what God wants from us is completely unattainable and that we are bound to fail; we don’t think we have a hope of doing what he wants.  Yet in this verse Paul tells us to think differently.  We may never be fully righteous, but righteousness is still something to be pursued, and by pursuing it we will have done a good thing.

Many times each day we are subject to emotions and feelings, some positive and others negative, and it is tempting to dwell on them and allow them to influence us.  However, even though our emotions might open doors for us, do we actually have to walk through them?  Let’s commit to pursuing what is good.

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