The power of God available to us

‘…I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal. But God’s word is not chained.’ 2 Timothy 2.9

Paul’s declaration was more than just fine words.  Looking at the chains that bound him and restricted his movement and mobility, he could still declare that though he might be bound, the word of God was not.

You are unlikely to be facing the persecution that Paul faced, but it is probably true that all of us face limitations: perhaps past events have had a negative impact upon you, or you carry emotional wounds and find yourself unduly timid in certain situations.  Yet however bound or limited you may feel, be encouraged that God can still work wonderfully through you.

When you act in accordance with the word of God, whether it be obeying his command to love or speaking up when you really don’t feel like it, then your words and actions carry a power that is beyond your feelings.  You might indeed be chained and hampered, but the word of God that prompts you is not.

You carry within you the very presence of God, which includes his grace to call upon whenever you need it and his word to guide and encourage you.  Whatever limitations might weigh you down, the presence of God has a power of its own that is beyond anything you can even imagine.

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