Bringing delight to God

10april‘The Lord detests dishonest scales, but accurate weights find favour with him.’ Proverbs 11.1

This verse seems so ordinary yet speaks about something very powerful.  One translation (ESV) puts the second part of it like this: ‘a just weight is his delight’.  God loves it when we approach everything with integrity and honesty.  It is a simple calling to be honest in all our dealings and not to cheat people in any way.

Of course, we hope that we never would but it is interesting how much a certain dishonesty can creep in.  If we want someone to do something for us, it can be quite easy to try to manipulate them; and there may be occasions when we are tempted to be less than honest in small ways, thinking that it won’t matter.

It isn’t that God is storing up every minor misdemeanour in his ‘big black book’, but rather that it brings real delight to him when he sees us trying to act with honesty and integrity, even in small matters.  How amazing that we can bring delight to God!  Throughout this day, seek honesty in even the small things in life and sense his delight.

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