‘Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses.’ 1 Timothy 5.19

This is probably one of the most disobeyed commands in the Bible!  Entertaining an accusation is something that most of us do without even thinking about it.  Perhaps the most striking aspect of this command is what it implies about the nature of God.

The aim of the commands in the Bible is to make us godlike; in other words, so that we become like him.  It is an amazing thought that God does not entertain accusations or judgments against us.  In fact, it is almost unbelievable!  How can it be that our perfect God looks at us – who are far from perfect – and is not disappointed?  He doesn’t even ‘tut’ away to himself at just how bad we are!

The way the Bible puts this is by referring to the gift of righteousness, which was achieved when Jesus died for us.  It is best explained by a well-known play on words: we are justified – ‘just if I’ hadn’t sinned.  So when God looks at you, it’s not that he disregards what you consider to be the obvious sin in your life, but he is looking at you through the cross; seeing what Jesus has already done for you.  Through this filter you are totally clean.

Take a moment to present yourself before God and have the confidence to believe that he really does not see what has been forgiven.

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