Every day is Easter Day

“…he has risen” Matthew 28.6

The trouble with Easter Day is that we only celebrate it once a year!  We should really return to the Easter message every day because it is this fundamental truth that we are not alone that changes everything.  God, in the living person of Jesus, is with you through the Spirit.  This is not a watered-down version of Jesus, nor wishful thinking or a memory of him when he was alive; it is Jesus himself who is there with you now.

So take a moment to acknowledge his presence.  Ask yourself this question: ‘Where is Jesus for me right now?’  You might have a sense of his physical presence or perhaps an awareness of his peace.  This is the living, risen Lord Jesus there with you.  Even if you sense nothing, or it seems too vague to be real, Jesus is still there for you, just as if you could see him standing in front of you.  He is with you, caring for you and will never leave you.

The joy is that this is true today and always – Easter is for every day!

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