Seeing things through God’s eyes

‘… make every effort to add to your faith … godliness’ 2 Peter 1.6

The word ‘godliness’ implies being like God – a challenge you may well think is one step too far as you struggle with any number of difficulties that seem designed to trip you up in your walk with God!  So how are we meant to be like God, because to be truly like him would involve not just what we do but also the words we speak, think and have on our hearts?

Perhaps godliness begins with us trying to see things through God’s eyes?  If we could glimpse how God views events and people surely this would begin to change the way we see and react to them?  So how can we take the first steps along this road?

It is about trying to break into that brief moment between something happening and our reaction to it.  If we can open the door at this point to ask Father God how he sees the situation, rather than reacting out of our natural passions, things may well change.  We all know only too well that if someone is rude to us, the temptation is to snap back; but perhaps God sees what they have been going through, and if we could also glimpse this our reaction may be more compassionate.

We can be certain that we will face many opportunities to practice godliness today – many moments when we can choose whether to react or seek to catch God’s heart. How much better for us all if we can choose God’s path.

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