Letting Jesus shine through you

‘…make every effort to add to your faith goodness’ 2 Peter 1.5

Yesterday we were reminded of God’s presence within us, and now Peter goes on to talk about how we can really let our faith make a difference to us.  He tells us to add goodness to our faith.

In this context, our faith is that wherever we go we have the presence of God within us, bringing the potential to change every situation we face.  Think through the day ahead of you.  What situations will you face, who will you meet and which are going to be the particularly difficult times?  Peter’s encouragement is not to automatically head into the day, but to catch a vision of how you will live it.  He urges you to add goodness to your faith.

This word ‘goodness’ carries with it the sense of moral excellence.  If you like, it is the very best that you could possibly be – perhaps how Jesus would be in your situation.  This is what you are encouraged to capture as you look ahead.  Since you have Jesus’ life and presence within you, you really can live like this – but you are more likely to do so if you plan ahead.

Spend a few moments thinking about some of the situations facing you.  How would Jesus handle them?  Take time to genuinely thank him that he is already within you and will remain within you, and now walk into your day and let his life shine through you.

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