The Trustworthiness of God

“In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.” Luke 14.33

There are some verses in the Bible that we wish were simply not there!  Verses such as this one seem to ask too much – if Jesus could have toned down his language a bit then it would be so much easier!  What was he really saying?

Jesus was talking about trust.  A sure sign of the trust we have in God is what we are prepared to trust him with.  If we say we trust him, yet don’t include him in any of our planning and seek to hold onto everything ourselves, then it is hardly trust.  Trust is saying that we really do put everything into God’s hands and trust he will work for our ultimate good and the good of others.  The incredible good news, of course, is that God says that he is trustworthy.  He invites us to trust him because he knows that if we hand control of everything over to him, then things will go a lot better.

Is there something in your life at the moment that is causing you to be anxious and fretting?  First, take a moment to find the reality of God’s presence with you, and then make a deliberate choice to hand your concern over to him.  You may find it helpful to envisage it in the palm of your hand and to literally hand it to him.  God is asking for your trust; he loves you so much, and through your trust he can bring about things he could not do any other way.


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