Remind yourself who God really is

‘They spoke about the God of Jerusalem as they did about the gods of the other peoples of the world—the work of human hands.’ 2 Chronicles 32.19

This verse is part of the story of King Hezekiah and took place when his enemy, Sennacherib, was laying siege to Jerusalem.  Messengers were sent to taunt the people defending Jerusalem and they began by mocking their king, Hezekiah.  Eventually they went further and began to mock God, in whom the people trusted, saying that he was little more than a man-made idol.  The story continues and it became evident just how wrong they were!  Both Hezekiah and Isaiah cried out to the God they knew to be different, and without Hezekiah even going to battle, the army of Sennacherib was destroyed.

The challenge for us as we read today’s words is to consider how much power we believe God has over the situations facing us?  If we are honest, there may be times when we are not sure he has much power at all, and pray with very little expectation that anything is going to happen.

Before you begin to pray about whatever concerns you today, spend some time reminding yourself of the character and power of God.  By doing this you will find a new confidence when you come to lift up your concerns to him, rather than aimlessly praying to one who might just as well be the work of your own hands.

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