The Fatherhood of God

‘He said to them, “When you pray, say: Father…”’ Luke 11.2

When Jesus tells us to begin our prayers by addressing the Father, he is inviting us to step into the same relationship with God that he himself enjoyed.  It’s a relationship that the Father has planned for us; he wants us to see ourselves as his beloved children.  He has no other relationship in mind for us – there is no such thing as his ‘close’ children and his ‘not-so-close’ children – we are all his precious children and the invitation is for each one of us to walk in this.

Jesus invites us to begin our times of prayer by saying, ‘Father’.  All too often we rush past this and into the prayers that we want to bring to him, instead of staying with this word.  Hold on to Jesus’ invitation to us to speak to God using the same word that he used and to enjoy the same love of the Father as he did.

It is often our feelings that hold us back; we don’t feel great closeness or intimacy.  However the invitation still remains.  Our feelings will never change if we ignore what Jesus says, but if we begin to respond to his invitation we will be putting ourselves firmly into the place where the Father wants us to be.

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