We are great!

“The temple I am going to build will be great” 2 Chronicles 2.5

Many people have a poor self-image and for any number of reasons they simply do not feel they are up to much.  It is a sense of their own greatness that is lost.  The Bible calls us ‘temples of the Holy Spirit’, and like Solomon’s temple we too are great because of the one who lives within us.

Consider this: you were chosen by God before the very foundation of the world.  He chose to adopt you as his very own child, to touch you with his Holy Spirit to reveal what Jesus has done for you and to create you as a temple for his Holy Spirit.

The trouble is that when we are thinking about who we really are, these are not the truths we naturally focus on.  Instead we tend to compare ourselves to others, or we remember our failings.  The reason the Bible contains so many amazing truths about who we really are is because we need these revelations to counter the negative ways in which we so often think about ourselves.

We are great!  It is not arrogant to think this – it is simply believing what the Bible reveals.

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