Whatever you want!

‘That night God appeared to Solomon and said to him, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.”’ 2 Chronicles 1.7

What would your request be if God were to appear to you and offer to give you whatever you want?  I’m sure you would be very noble in what you asked for, but it is quite fun thinking of all the options!

Solomon’s answer to this question was to ask for the wisdom to lead his people; a response for which he was highly commended and he received a lot more besides.  This story gives us an insight into the way that God loves to give gifts.  It is all too easy to regard his gifts as signs of his approval or as rewards for being good, but perhaps every gift God has given us is for the service of others.

Take a moment to list what you think are God’s gifts to you.  If every gift is meant to be for the service of others, how well are you using them?


One thought on “Whatever you want!

  1. Reena Maskey

    Hi,God’s gift to me is my prayers to him for others well being and happiness. Most of my colleagues, frens do approach to me and when i come to know they are having different problems, I pray for them and have found that all my prayers being answered by the almighty immediately. So i am having good vibes from my frens and colleagues when they feel being blessed. But when i do pray for my own (family/myself), i do not get answers from God. i always have to seek other Christians/believers to pray for me and my family. Similarly, my 5 yrs old daughter had undergone thru brain surgery on 26th May 2015 due to brain hemorrhage. With god’s grace she got recovered very very fast and perfectly healed now. But i am having problem recently due to her aggressive behavior, no interest in studies, not taking meal properly and not scared of anyone. She gets too stubborn and does not listen/obey anyone.Can you please pray for her? She needs to be understanding, nice to everyone, take her food properly on time, pay attention on her studies and happy. All these changes in her can be possible thru Jesus God only. So please pray for my daughter. I am helpless and seeking god for his miracles in my family. Regards,ReenaKathmandu, Nepal

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