He sees!

‘Though the Lord is exalted, he looks kindly on the lowly;’ Psalm 138.6

It is quite easy to feel lowly!  It’s tempting to feel like a pawn in the hands of others in the light of world events, or perhaps the place where you work.  A sense of lowliness may stem from the fact that you feel at the mercy of circumstances such as sickness, or the lack of something in your life.  Lowliness can create a sense of powerlessness and lack of control over what is going on.

This verse acknowledges such feelings.  It begins by speaking of God in elevated terms as one who is exalted, and who you might sometimes feel holds you like a pawn in his hands.  Yet his ‘exaltedness’ is different from all the other things that might hold power over you.  He sees you, your lowliness and all the things going on in your life, but the message of the Bible is not just that God sees your plight, but that he has done something about it.  The exalted God came to this lowly world and to every person in it.

As you sit in his presence, the exalted God sees you and in Jesus has come to you.  You may feel like a pawn in the hands of others, but you are a cherished jewel in the hands of God.

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