Being people of peace

“When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’” Luke 10.5

Jesus was giving instructions to his seventy two disciples whom he was sending out into the towns and villages.  One of these instructions was to take a blessing to each of the houses they would visit.  This entailed more than simply saying ‘hello’!  Jesus was actually encouraging his disciples to express God’s heart to the people they would meet.

The word they would have used is ‘shalom’ – a word that expressed the desire of God’s heart to his people.  ‘Shalom’ is the hope of well-being in every area of life.  Interestingly, another part of their mission to the places they would visit was the instruction to heal the sick – an expression of God’s heart that sickness was not his will for people.

Jesus also said that when the disciples passed on the blessing, the effect of it would depend upon the person to whom it was given.  There would be those who wanted to receive his peace and others who would reject it.  Let’s choose to be receivers!  Begin by spending a few moments with your hands open before God, letting these words sink in deeper: “Let your peace come to me.”

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