Having integrity

“I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity.” 1 Chronicles 29.17

In the letter to the Ephesians, Paul encourages his readers to find out what pleases the Lord and there are many things that bring God pleasure.  This verse gives us one particular insight: integrity brings pleasure to him.

Integrity is to do with consistency – being the same on the inside as we are on the outside – and it is interesting that God tests our hearts to see whether we have integrity.  As you go through today, there will probably be a number of occasions when the temptation is to react to something.  It could be anything; something said to you or the way that somebody behaves.  The way you react to these things depends on the state of your heart, and it may well be that somehow God puts these events in your path to reveal your heart and test your integrity.

These incidents may seem trivial in comparison to some of the great tests faced by some people, but it is probably the case that those who endure great tests and shine through them with integrity have been through smaller tests first and were not found wanting.

The key is to let the Holy Spirit touch your heart, and for you to carry an awareness of him within you throughout the day.  Then when testing moments arise, you will react according to the power of God’s Spirit within you, rather than out of impatience and frustration.

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