Not a judge, but a saviour

“For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.” John 12.47

As we prepare to step into 2016, this is a natural day to reflect on the past year.  I wonder what comes to your mind?  Hopefully it will be happy memories but, of course, it could be a recollection of disappointment, events that may have shaken you, mistakes made during the course of the year or fervent wishes that you had done things differently.

As we stand before Jesus at this time, we can all – wherever our memories lead us – stand before him with confidence.  If you are rejoicing in happy events, rejoice in the blessing of God and let the blessings turn to praise.  If you are dampened by disappointment, then remember that tomorrow is a new day and a new year and call to mind the truth of Lamentations 3.22 which says that God’s love and compassion are ‘new every morning’.  If you are bowed low with regret, call to mind these words of Jesus that he did not come to judge, but to save.  His presence with you is to transform you from one who is crushed to one who bears fruit.

So whatever your circumstances, you can rejoice because you have a Saviour who is committed to spending every moment of the coming year in your company.

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