He is here for me

“I know that my redeemer lives” Job 19.25

This is an amazing statement by Job.  Despite everything he was going through, all that he had lost and in spite of all the well-meaning clichés that were being fed to him, Job looked up to his God and said these words: “I know that my redeemer lives”.

Perhaps you are in a hard place at this time?  Maybe you are calling out to God for healing in some area of your life or you might be facing discouragement in some way?  The wonder of this season of Christmas is that Jesus has come for you.  He is your redeemer, your saviour and your hope.

Let every picture of the nativity that you see on Christmas cards and each mention of the word ‘Jesus’ sung in carols or even piped through the shops, be a reminder to you that Jesus has come.  Then let this truth cause you to proclaim with Job, that despite everything else going on in your life – “I know that my redeemer lives.”

Take a moment to repeat this phrase a few times to yourself.  Each time you do so, concentrate on different words within it: ‘I know’ that he lives – capture this certainty; ‘my’ redeemer – he came for you; ‘redeemer’ – he came to lift your life out of the pit; and ‘lives’ – he stands with you, alive and active.

One thought on “He is here for me

  1. Catherine

    Wonderful, timely as ever. I love Handel’s version from messiah.
    Strengthening. Powerful. Jesus Christ our Lord our God. There is Power in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Happy New Year to all at CHM. Xxxxx💓
    Thank you for the calendar.


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