Exploring Christmas

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” John 12.46

This verse encourages us to take Christmas even more seriously; it challenges us to ask whether we have fully appreciated why Jesus came for us.  Jesus said that he came as a light, so that no one who has accepted him should remain in darkness.  This refers to us.  Jesus does not want us, the people who believe in him, to remain in darkness.

We can probably all accept this but, deep down if we are honest, there may be parts of us that remain hidden away, perhaps areas that exercise a less-than-helpful influence upon the rest of our lives.  All is not lost because Jesus came to bring change.

The first step is not to feel guilty.  It is very often guilt that causes us to hide parts of ourselves away, even seeking to hide them away from Jesus – as if we could!  We often use words like ‘confession’ and ‘repentance’, and they can be very threatening words, but at the heart of them is an admission that these parts of us exist and we want to be honest before God.  We may wish it were not so, but this is the reality.

The next step is equally gentle; it is to let Jesus touch these dark places with his light and reach out to us with all the love that drew us to him in the first place.  Let’s see what he does.  Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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