True Comfort

“…you are miserable comforters, all of you!” Job 16.2

It is so easy to judge people for what they are going through; to look at their hardships and to judge them, thinking that we can see the reasons for their suffering.  Job was on the receiving end of this!  Untold misery had come upon him and his friends thought they knew exactly why he was suffering – and they let him have the benefit of their wisdom!  Not surprisingly this didn’t bless Job so he called them “miserable comforters”.

We are approaching Christmas and there can be no greater contrast to Job’s miserable comforters than Jesus.  He is in the unique position of looking at our lives and being able to give us a very honest lecture about why we go through what we do – but he doesn’t.  He saw the plight of humanity and despite everything it would cost him, he came to this earth to communicate with us – and it wasn’t a stern lecture but instead a revelation of God’s love and the way to find peace in this troubled world.

You may be in trouble of some kind, and it may even be your own fault.  If so, Jesus doesn’t want to lecture you or make you feel guilty, but he does want to gently lift you out of the pit and give you peace in your heart.  Whatever life holds for you at the moment, share your situation with the one who came to transform.

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