Our responsibility

‘Ezri son of Kelub was in charge of the workers who farmed the land.’ 1 Chronicles 27.26

This seems like a mighty strange devotional verse!  It actually forms part of a list of the various responsibilities given to certain people; each was given a task to do and they were held accountable for it.  It raises the question – what have we been given to do for which we are accountable?

We are accountable for our own spirituality.  It is very hard to blame anyone else for a lack of prayer in our lives.  Certainly we can feel inadequate when we start to compare ourselves to other people, but it may well simply be that their particular lifestyle allows for a different expression of prayer.  Our lives are as they are, and it is up to us – and no-one else – to find a pattern of prayer.

Of course we could all pray more, but actually God has not called most of us to a life of solitary prayer.  We need to work out how to keep our relationship with him alive in the midst of everything else that we do.  What is your pattern?  Does it feed you?  Do you want to bring changes to it?

One thought on “Our responsibility

  1. El

    These are good questions about prayers. It would be good to talk about different types of prayer .John Ryeland has given us a good arrow prayer “jesus your grace and mercy flow ” for example. Great for when on the go or when the ability to concentrate is a problem, but there are so many other types and ways to pray.


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