Finding God’s love everywhere

‘Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.’ Psalm 136.26

The rhythm of this particular psalm is worth noting.  Each verse makes a statement that is followed by this refrain, ‘His love endures forever’.  The psalmist is seeking to convey a sense that behind every action of God is his love.

As you read the psalm, you’ll notice that the author even finds the love of God in people’s destruction!  This seems very hard to us, as if he is revelling in the misfortune of others, but perhaps this isn’t the case.  He may simply be revealing that he has found the love of God in absolutely everything.

You may be quite good at finding God’s love in some things, especially when times are good and it is very easy to see God’s blessings, but to find his love when things are hard or confusing is another thing entirely.  This is why this psalm is so helpful, with its constant refrain reminding us where to start.  Rather than wondering how God’s love can possibly exist in some situations, let’s state along with the psalmist: ‘His love endures forever’.  God’s love is here so let’s find it.

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