Surrounded by his love

‘But I have calmed and quietened myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.’ Psalm 131.2

This tender verse enlarges our sense of God’s amazing love for us.  We are familiar with describing God as our ‘Abba, Father’, but this verse gives us a different glimpse of him – as a mother.  This beautiful picture of a mother with a contented child sums up the love and care that God has for us and is something we need to hold on to as we begin to pray.

Right now you are surrounded by the love of God.  In a healthy parent-child relationship no baby has to earn their mother’s love; it is there all the time.  Similarly, when you sit before God you are surrounded by his love, no matter what you have done or are going to do.  This is why you can calm and quieten yourself, and from this position of love you can begin to pray.

One thought on “Surrounded by his love

  1. A

    Thank you so much yesterday I went to funeral of a mate. You could feel God ‘ s presence. What I learned was at a time of sadness is also an occasion when we experience his love


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