Something has to change

‘In Christ you have been brought to fullness.  He is the Head over every power and authority.’ Colossians 2.10

This is an amazing statement!  In whatever situation or struggle you find yourself, there is a whole new perspective to it that is easily missed; Christ is above everything.  This doesn’t just mean that Jesus will sort out everything in your life but also that he is Head over you as well.

There are probably a number of occasions when you face struggles, and God is seeking to not only change those situations but also to change you; to teach you something, strengthen you in some way or to challenge an attitude or perception you might have.  This is not out of a sense of punishment, but because the transformation God is seeking to bring about in you is all about fullness. His heart’s desire is for you to experience life in a far deeper way than you may do at the moment.

Sometimes this means your circumstances must yield to his power and authority, and at other times it is you who must change.

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