It’s a struggle!

‘…I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.’ Colossians 1.29

In these words, Paul was honest about his own situation as well as challenging us about our own attitudes.  The first thing he spoke about was the reality of the struggle in which he was involved. Judging by the contents of the book of Acts, being called to a task by God did not mean it would be plain sailing!  Paul endured many hardships and much persecution along the way and if anyone had told him that life was meant to be a bed of roses he would have laughed!

The second thing Paul spoke about was what was happening at the heart of his struggle; he described the energy of God working so powerfully within him.  The very fact that there was a struggle is encouraging because a struggle implies two opposing factors coming together.  If there had been none of God’s energy within him, then there would not have been a struggle and he would have been defeated very quickly.

In your own life, spiritual struggle is when the Spirit in you comes up against something seeking to weigh you down.  If the Holy Spirit is at work in you, even if it seems to be a struggle, then you can rejoice because it means there is an effective power at work in you.  The more you acknowledge the Spirit within, the more his strength will be felt in your life.

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