Following Jesus

‘May your hand be ready to help me, for I have chosen your precepts.’ Psalm 119.173

The author of this verse has chosen to follow in God’s ways, so feels certain that God’s hand will be there to help him in whatever way is needed. A logical approach!

The trouble is that God does not operate like a slot machine, automatically doing what we want if we make the right choices. After all, there may well be other things he wants to do first. Yet what is a certainty is that if we walk the path Jesus walked, we will have a closer relationship with him and be in a better position to hear his whisper, find his wisdom and catch the breathe of his Spirit. Our lives will be better because of this, whether or not Jesus heals us or answers our prayers in the way we hope.

It all comes down to choice. It is up to you to choose how closely you want to walk
with Jesus. You are the only one able to choose how seriously you will take the Bible, how much time you will spend in prayer and how much you will turn to God throughout the day. It is very easy to call out to him and ask where he is when you need him, but perhaps sometimes it is God who calls out to you, “Where are you?”

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