Prayer and the heart of God

‘It is time for you to act, Lord; your law is being broken.’ Psalm 119.126

This verse encourages us in prayer. In our world, we are surrounded by so much that is wrong and when people suffer and hurt God shares in our pain. When the psalmist wrote that God’s law was being broken, it was not just a case of people being disobedient, but rather that God’s plans for how he desired this world to look had been marred. The same is true of today; people are not following God’s ways and they are in pain – not just people we don’t know, but friends and family too. Along with the author of these words, we too can say to God, ‘It is time for you to act.’ This is not just our opinion or us telling God what to do, but an echo of what has been revealed to us: God desires change.

An amazing aspect of prayer is the realisation that when we pray, we are not just articulating what we would like to happen, but rather we are reflecting the will and the heart of God. So as you pray for those whose plight touches your heart, do so with a renewed confidence that God feels the pain of what you see in the world, and that Jesus came as the Saviour.

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