The armour of God: the weapon of prayer

‘And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.’ Ephesians 6.18

If God is within you and you take him into every situation in which you find yourself, then prayer is a logical next step.

Today you may go to a place where there are people all around, perhaps in a shop, a bus queue or even simply walking down the street. Ask God what he wants you to pray. Take a moment to see where your attention is drawn – possibly to a particular individual or situation, or maybe to give thanks for something else – and as you stand there, quietly and unobtrusively pray for whatever you sense.

You will never fully know the power and effect of your prayers, but to open yourself to prayer in this way is to let yourself be used by God to bring something of his kingdom to the situations and people around you, which might not be possible by any other means.

One thought on “The armour of God: the weapon of prayer

  1. alan thomas

    This makes perfect sense to me. At any one time we could be the only time a situation is prayed for and as you say what difference this will make, It will also take you into a closer relationship with him,

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