The armour of God: the sword of the Spirit

‘Take . . . the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.’ Ephesians 6.17

Much of what has been said about the armour of God is about defence against negativity, but the sword we have been given also has the capacity for attack. We have the authority to stand against negative thoughts and to stop them hurting us. If we take this sword (which is the word of God) seriously, we have the authority to bring radical change to the situations in which we find ourselves, rather than just reacting to what is thrown at us.

You carry the presence of God within you, which means that there is a unique manifestation of God’s presence wherever you go. If you take this seriously it will make an amazing difference to every single situation you face. This is also a means of attacking the world, since you stand as a person of light, hope and peace in situations which are crying out for these qualities. The world desperately needs Jesus – and it has him, in you!

It is not so much that God has given you a sword, but that you are his sword in every situation in which you find yourself.

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