The armour of God: being ready to go

‘Stand firm then… with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.’ Ephesians 6.15

This particular phrase is challenging because it links our effectiveness as Christians with the impact we have allowed the good news of Jesus to have upon our lives. We are only in a position to share the gospel of peace with others once we have let it impact our own lives.

One reason for this is because once we have experienced something first hand, we know what we are talking about! If we have sensed the forgiveness of our sins, then we will be in a position to share this truth with others; if we have experienced Jesus’ grace strengthening us in some way, then we will be in a position to testify to this; and if we have experienced God’s healing touch, we will be ready to pray with others in need of healing.

It is likely that in some way you have experienced the effect of the gospel of peace in your life, so be ready to take this gospel to others. Look for opportunities today to pass on what you know to be true to someone who needs what you have found.

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