Nothing is a closed door to him

‘…all things serve you.’ Psalm 119.91

Yesterday, we looked at the way in which God may, at times, work through our difficulties to bring about his glory rather than taking them away.  The good news here is that there is no event or circumstance in which he is unable to work; there are no closed doors to God!  However, how are we meant to know whether our current anxiety is something God wants to take away, or work through?

Our starting point needs to be the revelation of God given through Jesus in the Gospels.  We need to take account of the fact that the Bible reveals Jesus healing sickness whenever he came across it on every recorded occasion.  Certainly there are occasions when Jesus paused to do something else first, as in the case of the man lowered down through the roof, whose sins were forgiven before his legs were healed.  Generally, however, Jesus’ desire seemed to be to heal.  Persecution, on the other hand, seems to be guaranteed, and there is an assurance of help and the presence of Jesus throughout – but not its removal.

Along the way, Jesus may share other purposes for your life, but in every circumstance and in everything that happens, nothing is a closed door for him.  All things serve him and his glory.

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