Everything Serves God

‘…all things serve you.’ Psalm 119.91

These four short, simple words could change your perception of all that happens to you.  The message behind them is that God can use everything to his glory, even though he isn’t the cause of everything that happens.

We would all like God to take away the bad things from our lives, and there are many times when we are aware of him doing just that, but God also has another way of working which may not be quite so comfortable.  Sometimes he takes the things we are going through and works in and through them, so that when we look back later we can recognise that God was able to do something through them that he may not have been able to do in any other way.

You might find this odd!  Surely if God is God, then he can find a more comfortable way of working things out?  An extreme example is the death of Jesus.  In itself, this event gave God no pleasure but he was glorified through what it achieved.  If there had been another way in which he could have achieved the same results then surely he would have done it?

In lesser ways, you may be facing your own trials – but none of the things you are going through are an end in themselves.  They are all events which serve God and promote his glory.  The choice you face in this is whether you will willingly surrender to his glory: “Father, I worship you and I lay down my day for you.  All things serve you.”

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