It’s all about vision

And Elijah said to Ahab, “Go, eat and drink, for there is the sound of a heavy rain.” 1 Kings 18.41

This is all about vision: the people looked up into a blue and sunny sky, whereas Elijah predicted a great storm.  He knew God had spoken so he kept looking for signs of what God was doing, and eventually a small cloud appeared and the storm was soon upon them.

We have a different vision to other people because we are Christians.  Many people see nothing, but we see a God who loves us and has been revealed by Jesus as a God who is actively present with us at all times.  The challenge is what we do with our vision.  Elijah provides us with such a good example; he held on to his vision even when he could see nothing, and patiently waited for even the smallest sign that what he had seen was right.  His lesson to us is to look out for small signs of encouragement along the way, even if at the moment you do not see much sign of God’s love or activity.  After all, it may be that you have your vision fixed on God doing everything you ask so you miss the small encouragements he gives you.

Take a moment to reflect on the past day.  What small signs of God’s love and action can you see that you would probably have missed if you had marched straight into the day ahead?  Look back, find the encouragements, and see how God’s work in your life grows.

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