He is near

‘The earth is filled with your love’ Psalm 119.64

These simple words provide such encouragement for us to seek the love of God for ourselves.  All too often we are dull to his love, wondering why we cannot feel it and pondering whether he loves us at all.  It’s always going to be hard looking for something that you doubt exists, whereas searching for something you are told is real gives hope.

This verse provides two encouragements to seek for God’s wonderful love.  First, it tells you that this love exists, filling the earth and surrounding you.  Wherever you go today, this love is as real as you are.  The second encouragement from the verse is that it is God’s love which is all around you, and not some general sense of well-being.  It is personal; it is the love Jesus has for you, the love that caused him to die for you.  This is the love that is so present, so near.

So reflect on these words: ‘The earth is filled with your love.’  Then pause for a moment to find what is so close.

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