Trusting in God’s mercy

‘But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy…’ Ephesians 2.4

This gives such a beautiful description of God – one who is rich in mercy.  It suggests that he overflows with an abundance of mercy but, of course, it is only evident when it is used.

If this is a description of God, then presumably he loves to be merciful and it is part of his very nature.  This gives us a real confidence to stand before him.  Perhaps you are hiding something that you would like to bring to him but are fearful of what he might do or say to you?  This is where your faith comes in, but not the faith to believe in God (you probably have that already) but rather faith in his character.  What sort of God do you believe him to be?  Do you trust enough in his mercy to bring him all that is within you?

Have the courage and faith to stand before him, and bring every part of yourself to him, trusting that he is rich in mercy.

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