Being a child

‘So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith’ Galatians 3.26

Sometimes you might hear people speaking about their faith and their amazing experiences, and it is tempting to see them as belonging to a different class of Christianity!  The impression is that they walk with God is a special way and appear to be more blessed than you.  This verse from Paul brings us back to the truth that every one of us is a child of God; there are no distant relatives within his family – all of us are his children.

However, there are two words in this verse which provide some insight into why some people seem to live differently to others; the words are: ‘through faith’.  What makes the difference is how much we choose to believe what is revealed to us.  If I believe I am a child of God, it is going to make a positive difference to the way I pray; whereas if I believe he constantly disapproves of me and barely remembers my name, this will negatively affect my prayers.

Before you pray, it is worth spending some time simply focussing on the truth of this statement, ‘I am a child of God’.  Say it out loud, ponder it and let the truth of it begin to sink in.  God doesn’t compare you with anyone or wish you were someone else.  You are his child, and Father God loves you with the same love that he has for Jesus (John 17.26).

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