Seeing his glory

‘The Lord is exalted over all the nations, his glory above the heavens.’ Psalm 113.4

When the psalmist wrote these words, the world was probably no better than our experience today, with the usual tensions, fighting, unrest, suffering and temptations.  However, the psalmist was able to lift up his eyes to look at something that was equally present but unseen by many – the wonder and glory of God.  How can we change the focus of what we see?

One way is to try to catch an awareness of the presence of Jesus with us.  The Bible speaks about the reality of his presence, even though he may be unseen.  If we can find a new faith in his presence with us at all times, we will discover more of his glory in our lives – his love, majesty and power.

Finding the presence of Jesus is first and foremost about trusting in his promise that he is with you.  Any pain and confusion you may be experiencing are not indicators that Jesus has abandoned you, but are more like sirens calling you back to have confidence in his presence with you.

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