The perfect weapon

‘The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world.’ 2 Corinthians 10.4

We so easily forget what is stated so clearly here – that we have something at our disposal that other people do not have.  The challenge is to make use of it.

All too often, we find ourselves trying to overcome temptation and difficulties by sheer will-power, trying to adopt a mental attitude that we hope will bring about change.  Paul is not saying such means are wrong, but that there is so much more for us; something that is totally other-worldly – the presence of the risen Christ within us.  So how do we access his presence?  How do we find this weapon?

Like all weaponry, it starts with practising before you need it.  A trained soldier does not fire his first gun in conflict; he has spent many hours practising before he begins to fight.  Similarly, begin to ‘practise’ the presence of Jesus with you before you find yourself in challenging situations.

Take a few minutes every day to whisper the name ‘Jesus’.  You are not speaking to someone who is far off, but rather to one who is incredibly close to you; he is within you.  Practice the truth of his presence, and you will find it easier to recall it when you need it throughout the day.

One thought on “The perfect weapon

  1. ellie

    i love it! yes the lord is so nearby and i feel that this piece of guidance is like being coached on how to remember jesus and call upon his prescence as we go about our daily lives. i will adopt this practice right away. thank you

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