Seeking his presence

‘Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.’ Psalm 105.4

There can be a certain mysticism attached to the presence of God – a sense that there is not much we can do about it as either his presence is with us or it’s not, depending on whether God decides to grant us his favour.  However, this verse suggests that such thinking may not necessarily be true.  God’s presence is not something that might randomly come to us, but instead is something that we have a responsibility to look for, be attentive to and actively seek.

Certainly there may be times when God’s presence seems a bit different or has a deeper intensity, but the reality is that we are to seek his presence at all times.  So how do we do this?

The first step is the most liberating: if we are commanded to do this, then it must be possible!  It would be a cruel command if we could never hope to achieve it.  The second step is to pause wherever you are, knowing that Jesus promised he would always be with you, and ask yourself where he is for you right now.  Is he beside you, within you or around you?  There really is no right or wrong answer.  Give thanks for his presence and enjoy it.

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