Good meditation

‘May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the Lord.’ Psalm 104.34

Different people understand the word ‘meditation’ in different ways and there are all sorts of books seeking to help us meditate.  This verse contains a lovely nugget to help steer us through the many forms of meditation on offer, and it is this phrase: ‘as I rejoice in the Lord.’

The psalmist is saying that our meditation should be done in the context of our relationship with the Lord, and this is the type of meditation that is pleasing to him. A wonderful place to start is to take one of the names God uses to reveal himself throughout the Bible (such as: the Lord the Provider, the Lord who heals you, the Lord is peace, the Lord is my shepherd) and spend time rejoicing about how true this phrase is for you.  Then consider how much more of this revelation of God you need to make an impact in your life.

In doing this you will be bringing pleasure to him, not simply because he likes you thinking about him, but rather because he knows that to put your focus upon him is going to be of benefit and blessing to you.

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