Letting God change our hearts

‘As Saul turned to leave Samuel, God changed Saul’s heart’ 1 Samuel 10.9

The context of this verse was that Samuel had just told Saul that he would become king.  Naturally, there was some natural reticence on the part of Saul – this was not in the least what he was expecting, nor had he any natural qualification to undertake the role.  It would be perfectly possible to see how the story might have ended right here with Saul ‘running a mile’ to get away from what was being offered to him.  However, at this point God intervened and touched Saul’s heart so that he felt able to step into the new role to which God was calling him.

This is relevant for us.  We are unlikely to be called to the high level of leadership to which Saul was called, but we are all called to believe in what may seem unbelievable: that the Lord God of heaven and earth loves us personally, chose us before the very foundation of the world and has called us to live in close fellowship with him.  On a human level these things are hard to grasp and believe, but it may be that we need to take the simple step of asking God to change our hearts; to touch us with his supernatural power so that we are able to believe the unbelievable and walk an amazing path with him.

Take this prayer and repeat it a few times so that it settles deep within you: “Father, open my heart to the depth of your love for me.”

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