Changing attitudes

‘Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”’ Mark 10.27

Jesus was talking about how hard it is for us to change our attitudes.  The context of this verse is the story of a rich man who came to Jesus and, after talking to him, realised there was a real tension between his attitudes and the call of Jesus.  A sense of sadness is tangible in the story.  The disciples, quite naturally, asked a question along the lines of, “What hope is there for anyone?” and Jesus’ reply was so far reaching and gentle: “…all things are possible with God.”

As you ponder your life, it is tempting to think that what you have to do is more repenting, surrendering and giving.  However, such thinking is actually putting much of the focus upon yourself.  Jesus says it is not about you and what you can hope to achieve, but it is all about the transforming activity of God.

There may be parts of your life that you wish you could change, but try as you might you can’t achieve this on your own.  Change really begins when you come before the one who utterly loves you and admit that you cannot change yourself and that you need him to bring that transformation.  This is when God’s grace begins to work in you – and change happens.

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