He has seen it all!

‘…you are from all eternity.’ Psalm 93.2

If God is from all eternity, then he really must have seen it all: every struggle that has beset each person in the world, the frustration and the doubts, as well as every prayer and cry from each individual.  This does put things into perspective!  You are not the only person who has ever lived or struggled with the things that you will come across today.  Throughout all ages, people have lifted up the very same situations to God and have found him to be faithful, compassionate and loving.

This is one of the reasons the Bible is such a gift to us.  Not only is it a revelation of God’s love revealed through Jesus, but it is also the story of human struggles in life.  There are accounts of temptation, doubt, failure, repentance and restoration – stories of ordinary people dealing with life against the backdrop of the wonder, love and faithfulness of God.  It is about individuals reaching up to find the reality of God’s love and the change it makes to them.

This is your story too – or at least it could be if you want it to be.  This thread of God’s love and compassion continues to run throughout today, and the invitation is for you to reach up and take hold of it.  Spend a moment right now grasping the truth that God has been there for all eternity – so he will certainly be there for you today!

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