Keeping alive the vision of God

‘…the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength;’ Psalm 93.1

What is your vision of God for today?  This description of him ‘robed in majesty?

It may be that you have been praying for someone for quite a while and yet nothing seems to be changing?  Maybe there are situations in your life where you really cannot see God at work at all?  If so, the temptation is to allow these disappointments to change your vision of God, so that rather than see him ‘armed with strength’, you begin to think of him as rather ineffectual.

Throughout the Bible there are visions of God, varying from descriptions of the throne of God (Revelation 4 and Isaiah 6) to visions like today’s verse – ‘robed in majesty and armed with strength’.  These visions are given precisely because we need them.  They are not given to remind us how wonderful it is when things are going well, but to encourage us when times are hard.

At those moments when you find yourself questioning just how much strength God really has, you may find it helpful to turn to the Bible and read one of these visions so that you find again the truth of God’s power and majesty and take this into your prayers.

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