Learning to worship

‘Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you’ Psalm 89.15

There are times when worship comes easily to us – and other times when it is harder.  However, this verse is interesting because it suggests that we can learn to acclaim – or worship – God.  We feel that worshipping God ought to be totally natural for us, and yet so often it isn’t.

Maybe we need to learn how to worship better?  This isn’t so much about focussing on studying or being taught, but more about practice.  As with practising anything, it seems unnatural to begin with but over the course of time it becomes more familiar.  Here are a few suggestions about how you might practise worshipping:

  • Look back at events that have happened recently and worship God for moments when you can see he was at work.
  • Try to remember to speak a sentence of worship to God whenever your clock chimes the hour.
  • Take one of the many titles given to Jesus – Lord, Saviour, Light of the World, Prince of Peace – and use it as the basis for two or three minutes of worship at the beginning of your prayer time.
  • Go for a walk and worship God for the creation before your eyes.
  • Look out the window at the people passing by and worship God for the uniqueness of each person, and for your own uniqueness.

The more you practise, the more natural it will become for you to be a natural worshipper.

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