Having open hearts

‘…they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened.’ Mark 6.52

I wonder how many things God does for us that we simply don’t notice, ignore or don’t recognise its significance?  This is exactly what happened to the disciples.  They had just witnessed an amazing miracle but failed to see its significance – that it had implications for other aspects of their lives.

It wasn’t that they were doing anything wrong, but rather that they were not making the right connections, and ‘their hearts were hardened’ so that they weren’t touched by what they had just experienced.  Clearly this was not good!  Similarly, we need to learn to make connections, to recognise what God is doing in our lives and learn from it.

As you look back over the past 24 hours, call to mind one thing that was undeniably the touch of God.  Give him thanks for it and then ponder this question: what are the implications of what God did?  In other words, what does that action say to you about God’s love, about how you can trust him and about what you can expect of him today?

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