Being Blessed

‘Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you.’ Psalm 84.4

This is an interesting question: who do we regard as being really blessed?  We talk about some people being blessed with good looks or with good fortune, but the writer of this verse sees it differently.  For him the truly blessed person is the one who dwells in the presence of God.  He seems to have grasped the simple truth that if we have the presence of God with us, then we are indeed blessed.  It is this that really sets us apart from others and is what we should be seeking.

Of course, we would probably all say that we know this but nevertheless it is interesting how quickly we can find ourselves being envious of other people who have things that we would like to have.  Perhaps the problem is that our hearts and minds don’t agree on what it means to be really blessed!

Take a moment to reflect on the reality that you are actually in God’s presence right now.  The Father has made his home with you, Jesus promised that he would always be with you and your very body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  If all this is true, then whatever else may be happening in your life right now – you are truly blessed!

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