God is our strength

‘You are my strength’ Psalm 59.9

Sometimes we come across striking verses about God that we would do well to explore, and consider how they really apply to our lives.  This verse is a great example of this and yet the truth is that we probably gloss over it and then move on.

It begins with this prayer, ‘You are my strength’.  There are so many different ways in which we need the strength of God but don’t call upon it.  Perhaps you need his strength to cope with certain situations that are causing you anxiety, or maybe it is not so much situations but people that are a cause of concern for you?  You need a different strength from what you feel you naturally possess – and God’s promise is that he is there for you.  So it follows that if he is there, then so is his strength.

There is a key issue here.  Many of us probably call out something like, ‘God, give me strength’ – but it isn’t like this.  It isn’t just about us waiting until he has breathed some of his divine strength into us, but rather it is God himself who is our strength and we find it when we find him.

When you feel weak and in need of strength, whisper the name of ‘Jesus’.  This isn’t an idle word, but is a reminder that God has come to you already and is with you in Jesus.  To whisper his name is to remember his presence and draw on his strength.

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