Knowing God’s love

‘This I know, that God is for me.’ Psalm 56.9 (ESV)

All manner of thoughts tend to pass through our minds at any one time: uplifting events, lists of things we need to do, less pleasant memories from the past, random observations about other people and sometimes thoughts we would not want anyone else to know!  For this reason, there is a real value in taking a verse from the Bible and training ourselves to come back to it at times throughout the day, when our minds might otherwise be turning over any number of other things.

This is one such verse.  Spend a few minutes right now to let the richness of the words soak in.  As you breathe in, say to yourself: ‘This I know’, and as you breathe out say: ‘God is for me.’  Repeat the process for a few minutes and then it is likely that during the day you will find this verse popping into your mind, in which case – stick with it!

As you go about whatever you are doing, let these amazing words resonate within you and focus your mind on the wonder of God’s love for you.

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